Tefaf Maastricht 2024

March 7-14, 2024

This year, we return to the TEFAF Maastricht fair with singular works of special relevance both in the world of antiquities and in the contemporary art world.

Regarding painting, we show a magnificent oil painting by Joaquín Sorolla, also in honor of the centenary of his death. Among other works, we present paintings by internationally renowned artists such as Mela Muter or Robert Lefèvre. We showcase to the international public a sculpture of Saint Joseph with the Child by the artist Cristóbal Ramos, as well as an Archangel Saint Michael from the circle of Lorenzo Vaccaro. Being among the few Spanish representatives in the antique section at the fair and the only Catalans, we wanted to give space this year to the sculpture of Miquel Barceló, of which we display a splendid jar.

Internationally recognized artists like Antonio López or Alberto Giacometti will have a special place at our stand, as well as a unique and special lacquer by Ramon Sarsanedas.