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  • generalData.authorNameInListings
    Cristóbal Ramos (1725-1799)
  • generalData.title
    Saint Joseph with the Child
  • generalData.creationDate
    Siglo XVIII
  • technicalData.measurements
    Alt. 88 cm
  • technicalData.description
    Carved, gilded and polychrome wood.
    Plastered and polychrome fabrics.
  • technicalData.complementaryDescription
    In relation to the mental disposition, the serene attitude, away from any drama, is contrasted and complemented by the tender and carefree happiness of the Child, without cockroaches, which could mean a conscious move away from baroque vehemence and an approach towards father-filial relationships within the framework of the divine family, more serene and contained, more humane. Saint Joseph's tender gesture, at the same time authoritarian, seems to want to restrain the Child's childish impulse by caressing his right foot, while he hugs his torso around the waist with his left hand. The boy's dynamic attitude, unique due to the asymmetrical positioning of his limbs, which opens his arms with ecumenical meaning, is highlighted by contrast, between the voluptuous folds of his clothes, against the more classical and serene falls of the father's, while it seems to show -be closer to the viewers than the idealized distance adopted by the parent.
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