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    Robert Lefèvre (1756-1830)
  • generalData.title
    Girl portrait
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  • technicalData.measurements
    116 x 89,5 cm
  • technicalData.description
    Oil on canvas.
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    In this captivating portrait of the as yet unidentified girl, Lefèvre skillfully demonstrates his mastery as a portrait painter. The girl wears an exquisite dress made of several layers of white silk and a delicate coral necklace, indicative of her probable bourgeois or aristocratic status. With rosy cheeks, she hugs her pug, and both captivate the viewer with a firm and tender gaze. Although her attire suggests a high social status, the field serves as a background for the young woman, crouched next to a large moss-covered tree. Lefèvre portrays her in an open environment, introducing elements of naturalness. This juxtaposition creates an appealing contrast between the girl's refined elegance and the simple beauty of the natural world around her. The inclusion of storm clouds on the horizon adds a touch of drama, suggesting a temporal aspect to the scene and highlighting Lefèvre's ability to evoke mood and atmosphere in his compositions. The artist's choice to portray his subject in a relaxed pose within a natural setting reflects Lefèvre's ability to imbue his portraits with authenticity and warmth. As in Lefèvre's body of work, his meticulous attention to detail is also evident here, capturing not only the physical characteristics of his subjects, but also individual personality and social status.
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