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  • generalData.title
    Bernegal with shank for bezoar stone
  • generalData.creationDate
    Segle XVII
  • generalData.manufacture
    Spanish silver
  • technicalData.measurements
    13 x 18.5 x 17 cm
  • technicalData.complementaryDescription
    Gilded silver, internally and externally, worked using casting, embossing and turning techniques and with ornamental elements based on enamelled ovals and incised and dotted motifs. The polishes are floral with blue and white backgrounds and painted pink flowers. It is a Castilian work belonging due to its characteristics to the courtly nucleus. It can be placed chronologically within the first quarter of the 17th century. This is an exceptional piece of civil metalwork, already rare, since it is one of the few surviving examples of tableware from the Spanish court of the 17th century.
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