Artur Ramon Art offers a service of appraisals and valuations of works of art. The process begins with photographs to verify that the work fits our line. If this is not the case, an alternative professional will be suggested to take care of it.

Appraisals will be made at actual market values after a live inspection of the works. The fees will be fixed based on the volume of work represented by the expertise, never as a percentage of the overall value of the collection, a method that does not allow us to fix the price a priori.

Artur Ramon Navarro, specialized in ancient and modern drawing and painting, is also responsible of international fairs. His training and deep intuition allow him to study works of art making attributions and recovering the identity of lost identities. You can send your inquiry to:

Mònica Ramon Navarro, expert in contemporary art, is closest to the public. With her commercial spirit, she takes care of the “Art Space”, where temporary exhibitions are held. If you wish to propose your work as an artist, contact:

Artur Ramon Picas, mentor and soul of the gallery, has a deep knowledge of Catalan painting and decorative arts. Through his experience and vision of art, he leads and supervises the gallery’s projects.