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  • generalData.authorNameInListings
    Hermen Anglada-Camarasa (1871-1959)
  • generalData.title
    Cypress garden
  • generalData.creationDate
    Mallorca, c. 1930 - 1934
  • technicalData.measurements
    121 x 120 cm
  • technicalData.description
    Oil on canvas.
  • technicalData.complementaryDescription
    This work condenses in one composition two of the most recurring themes of the work of Anglada-Camarasa in Majorca, the gardens and cypress trees. The colours that dominate the composition are green and violet (on the background), that the painter uses as much to represent the relief of the mountain as for the bark of the trees, coming closer in this way to the pictorial advances of the Fauvists. With these bold colours applied using a thick brushstroke, he captures an anecdotic view of the Majorcan landscape and confers it importance.
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