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    Ramon Sarsanedas (1896-1986)
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    Girl on the balcony
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    60 x 50 cm
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    Urushi lacquer panel with eggshell, made by Ramon Sarsanedas with composition by Francesc Camps Ribera. This work is an excellent testimony of Art Deco in Catalonia and is related to some of the contemporary creations such as Picasso's large canvas "The Three Dancers" from the Tate Gallery in London, a work from 1925 in which there is a division of postcubist plans very close to the work. The composition of this panel was designed by the painter Francesc Camps i Ribera (Barcelona 1896 - 1991). He had studied at the Llotja school in Barcelona and is considered the leader of the Nou Ambient group (1919). He had his first solo exhibition at the avant-garde Galeries Dalmau (1925). He took part in several collective municipal exhibitions (1919 - 1921) and in the autumn exhibitions of Amics de les Arts (1920 - 1922) in the main galleries of the time (Galeries Dalmau, Galeries Laietanes, Sala Parés). In exile, he lived in Mexico from 1939 to 1980. Fully integrated into Mexican artistic life, he taught, sculpted and took a great interest in Mexican art, about which he wrote several works.
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