Frieze Masters, created in 2012, offers a unique contemporary perspective on thousands of years of art history, from collectibles to significant masterpieces of ancient times, and from the Old Masters to the late 20th century. The 2023 edition of the fair will show more than 130 of the most important galleries from around the world, among which is Artur Ramon Art, the only from Spain.

Artur Ramon Art will present this year a stunning project in partnership with Charles Beddington Gallery, London. This joint venture aims to bring together the finest artworks from renowned artists, showcasing a diverse range of styles and themes, among them a captivating collection of nudes, featuring works, especially by French and Spanish modern artists, from Eugène Robert Poughéon to Pablo Picasso, and landscapes, from a refined Canaletto’s view of London to the fabulous sceneries captured by Eppo Doeve and Anglada Camarasa

Aside from these collections mainly of paintings, we curated a selection of pieces that highlight other artistic expressions, such as sculpture and drawings, from antiques to modern times, presenting names from the 18th C. sculptor Miguel de Romay to the 20th-century authors Pablo Gargallo, Glyn Warren Philpot, and others. Our goal is to present a unique proposal and a convergence of artistic creativity from North to South as a result of collaboration between two distinguished galleries, inspiring all visitors.