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  • generalData.authorNameInListings
    Danish school
  • generalData.title
    Portrait of a woman
  • technicalData.measurements
    54 x 44 cm
  • technicalData.description
    Oil on canvas
  • technicalData.complementaryDescription
    This artwork, still anonymous, represents a half-length young woman, half-naked. She shows off her breasts as she undresses—she is wearing a white silk dress that runs down her arms—and looks at the floor, thoughtful or pensive, perhaps melancholic. From the dark background of the canvas, she emerges like a dream, with her hair tied up and a white pearl hanging from her left ear as the only concession to ornament. Due to her sensuality, technical quality, and stylistic affinities with the Golden Age of Danish painting, we think it is very plausible to inscribe this work in the context that emerged from the group of well-known nudes by Eckesberg, perhaps a direct disciple whose name we, unfortunately, do not know. The way the original canvas is cracked in the shape of a spiderweb suggests an era: the 19th century, possibly close to its third decade.
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