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    Miguel de Romay (1670 c.-1740 c.)
  • generalData.title
    Head of a bearded man
  • technicalData.measurements
    30 x 15 x 10 cm
  • technicalData.description
    Carved and polychrome wood
    The head of a bearded man that we present shows the typical characteristics of Galician sculpture of the 18th century. The intricate details of the beard create a visually striking and emotionally charged expression, also accentuated by the marked wrinkles. The deep gaze still conveys the powerful look the piece must have originally had, even now that it has been torn from its unknown place of origin. The lack of comprehensive sources makes it difficult today to reconstruct with certainty many of the figures active in the Miguel de Romay workshop, which is why the sculpture we present here is of doubtful attribution. However, the affinities with other works by the master and his workshop - such as the head of San Benito, from the Parish Church of San Benito del Campo, in Santiago and, with the same provenance, the one of San Antón Abad preserved today in the National Museum of Valladolid, or the San Millán del Retablo mayor de San Martiño Pinario-, would certainly place our piece in this artistic circle, especially from the hand of Miguel de Romay and his brother Domingo.
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