Natura Sacra"Surroundings" by Jordi Ortiz dialogues with Artur Ramon Art works

November 10, 2022 / December 22, 2022

Various textures appear in these golden photographs by Jordi Ortiz; textures we can almost touch. Matter has made itself present in them: the hardness and firmness of the rock, even its sharpness and power to cut, is combined with the softness of the foam, and contrasts with the ephemeral and volatile nature of the clouds, with the fragility of the leaves on the tree branches. The foam of the waves resembles the leaves. Oppositions, complementarity, similarities, contrasts: all the elements dialogue with each other to form a unity that is the totality that these twenty-four photographs aspire to create.

«Stop, wave!» is what we seem to hear as we contemplate one of the photographs by Jordi Ortiz brought together under the title ‘L’Entorn’, ‘that which surrounds us’, ‘that which is given us’: sea, forest, rock, sky. Everything is halted in these images, as if everything were itself stone: the leaves on the branches, immobile, nothing stirring them; the clouds in the sky, immobile, as if they had never passed across the vault, slowly or swiftly. But it is the crashing and roaring waves that alert us to the fact that all around us here is as petrified as the rocks. These photographs on 23.75-carat Rosenoble gold leaf show an environment, a setting that is nature. The photographer’s camera has captured the moment, and the gold has rendered it eternal.
Victoria Cirlot

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The works of Jordi Ortiz dialogue with pieces from our collection, in order to encourage connections between contemporary photography and ancient sculptures and paintings.