Fine Arts Paris & la Biennale : discover the program without further delay

21 d’octubre 2022 | Luxus + Magazine

The Carrousel du Louvre will open its doors to the Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale, from November 9 to 13. A first edition that puts art, in all its splendor, in the spotlight. Discover without further delay the program of this art week and its exhibitors.


By deciding to join forces, the Salon Fine Arts Paris and the Biennale are creating a special edition that brings together works from all periods and origins. This major international event will bring together collectors and antique dealers in Paris to showcase works of art ranging from ancient to modern, including jewelry and sculpture. Fine Arts Paris will bring its knowledge and experience of the antique art market. The Biennial, dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and presenting art forms that are not very present at Fine Arts Paris, such as furniture, jewelry and primitive art, will enrich the young fair’s offer in a complementary way.

An eclectic program

Antique art has always been at the center of France’s artistic and cultural heritage. This new Salon is positioned as a reference in this specialty and the presence of numerous French and international galleries confirms this. It will be possible to find the Perrin, Mendes, Sarti or Talabardon & Gautier galleries. Foreign galleries such as the London gallery Brun Fine Art and Artur Ramon, located in Spain will enrich the offer.

Among the many paintings and other works, some feature women. Long forgotten and set aside, female artists emerged at the end of the 19th century and marked a historic turning point in art. The Ary Jan gallery or Laocoon Apolloni will notably propose their work.

The decorative arts will be very present in this edition. Defined by their ornamental and functional productions and by the materials used such as ceramics, glass, metal or stone, they are part of one of the most prized artistic trends among antique dealers and collectors. The Steinitz Gallery, Michel Giraud or Chevalier-Parsua will present exceptional pieces, similar to museum pieces.

But this first edition of Fine Arts Paris & la Biennale oscillates between old and new and honors all types of art from the 19th century to today. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire many works of modern art. For the occasion, eighteen galleries will highlight it, including Berès, Brame & Lorenceau, Laurentin or Seine 55 and Alexis Pentcheff.

Concerning contemporary art, great figures of art and gallery owners will present their stars such as Christophe Gaillard, known for his museum exhibitions in his Parisian gallery or Ditesheim & Maffei.

Among the other categories present at Fine Arts Paris & la Biennale, visitors will marvel at the jewelry, between antique jewelry and designer works. If this sector is bound to develop in future editions, the first one will bring together seven professionals, four of whom specialize in antique jewelry such as Bernard Bouisset, as well as three designer jewelers: Walid Akkad, Frédérique Mattei and Feng J.

A discreet but qualitative presence is announced in the field of books, autographs and prints. Exhibitors such as Camille Sourget, Stéphane Clavreuil or the German gallery Kunsthandlung Rumbler will present this particular art.

The adventure continues

And so as not to miss anything about art with a capital A, Fine Arts Paris & the Biennale will initiate a real synergy with the museums by organizing the Semaine des Arts. This series of private visits will take place in some twenty partner venues. The Salon will also organize a one-day symposium “Questions de style“, which will take place on November 10 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, in partnership with the CFHA (Centre Français de l’Histoire de l’Art).

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