Reencuentrosby Gustavo Pérez

October 10, 2019 / January 17, 2020

The series of around twenty ceramics by Gustavo Pérez that we present corresponds to the artist’s most recent production, characterized by a return to his most representative technique. The shapes of the glasses are quite basic, turned cylinders, of more or less height or belly. The mastery of the artist resides in the treatment of the surface, through a wise game of incisions in the clay, which stand out from the color of the stoneware thanks to the application of dark glazes.

This last series appears as the synthesis of his nearly fifty years of work, as well as the reaffirmation of his initial expression with clay. Gustavo Pérez has been able to develop his own language, so unique that it could be recognized among thousands.

“This exhibition, my third one at the Artur Ramon Gallery —and it is a pleasure for me to be here again to show my work to many friends in Barcelona—, consists, fundamentally, of twenty pieces from my most recent production. These pieces have a very classic figure; simple cylindrical shaped vessels. Their characteristic trait is the surface treatment, designs engraved with a knife, incisions and cuts supported by a personal geometry. The result, after many years of research in various and radically different directions, is this new series that constitutes at the same time a reaffirmation of my conversations with clay, and perhaps also a synthesis of everything I have developed throughout almost fifty years as a ceramist.”

Gustavo Pérez

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