Captive beautyStrolling through the gardens of Artur Ramon Art

May 19, 2022 / July 22, 2022

Curated by Ignacio Somovilla

Through a hundred pieces from Artur Ramon Art’s collection, Somovilla prepared a unique itinerary which proposed a wide selection of views of the garden from different points of view – as an artistic creation or as a metaphor, satire or stage, as a moral state, as the last refuge of pleasure or paradise. And all this following the course of history, from the classical age to the contemporaneity of Josep Maria Subirachs.

“The garden can embrace everything, as a reflection of the outside world. The history of humanity is the history of constant attempts to recover paradise, a wonderful and unique orchard. All these paths we travel through converge in the same place: the garden as a cultural creation and as a reflection of our changing spirit.”
Ignacio Somovilla

Ignacio Somovilla (Astúries, 1966), the curator of this exhibition, has a degree in Law from the University of Uviéu and in Art History from the University of Barcelona, he has completed his studies with a master’s degree in cultural management in the University of the West of England. Author of several books and articles on gardens, radio collaborator for twelve years, he currently has a fortnightly section on Radio 1’s “El Ojo Crítico” dedicated to the dissemination of the art of the garden. He has curated different exhibitions and has been the coordinator for nine years of the film and garden series “Paraíso perdido” held at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. Currently, he is preparing the creation of a publishing house specialized in gardens “Encyclopedia Botánica” and completes his outreach work with the garden tours project, Bomarzo, garden tours.