FICTIONSJosep Santilari, Pere Santilari and the still life of the Golden Age

March 10, 2021 / May 14, 2021

Still life is a genre that was born with painting as a fiction of reality, and that in the seventeenth century reaches its golden age. Josep Santilari and Pere Santilari (b. 1959) have renewed the genre by looking at the classics, offering, with discipline and sensitivity, a new version. For the first time, this exhibition confronts the two approaches – the old and the current – to the subject. Thus, the Santilari twins crystallize reality in subtle and fragile works, which doubly capture the beauty of the world.

Light is essential, because whenever an image is created, everything is conditioned by how the light falls on the objects. Therefore, we have to represent the light, because otherwise we would have a totally black work, in which nothing would be seen. If a reality is seen it is because of light. Our obsession is always to explain how light passes from one place to another, and the obstacles that it encounters on its way, which are the objects; How the light falls on these objects, and how it arranges them, and that it is understood if they are further forward or backward.”
Pere Santilari