The body and its fragmentsCurated by Pilar Parcerisas

November 16, 2023 / January 19, 2024

Mariano Andreu · Alexander Archipenko · Ramon Casas · Toni Catany · Apel·les Fenosa · Marià Fortuny · Julio González · Manolo Hugué · Manuel Humbert · Baltasar Lobo · Ramon Martí Alsina · Segundo Matilla · Pablo Picasso · Man Ray · Josep Santilari · Josep Simont · Josep Maria Subirachs · Antony Williams

Split History and its fragments have left us various forms of art where the body, the nude, stands as a story. This fragmented history that has reached the present day survives in the collections of a gallery where art history awaits its turn, in which the exhibition connects us directly with the classical tradition of the nude and its synecdoche. Every true artist remakes the human body.

The exhibition is accompanied by the work of contemporary artist Ana DMatos

Visual artist and researcher, her works are social, multidisciplinary, with critical and feminist thinking. Since 1986 she has worked in research at UCM, Edinburgh and Sheffield. She has published in specialized magazines such as Arte Individuo y Sociedad, Cerámica, El Periodico del Arte, m-arteyculturavisual, among others. Her latest publication is her artist book Formas de paraiso. Paradisaeidae y Palimpsesto, co-published with the Granollers Museum, 2016. In March 2019, she presented the installation “Witch’s Hands” at the Barjola Museum in Gijón, a work with which the artist investigates the roots of social and religious aggressiveness towards women in Europe. In 2022 she presents the exhibition “Self-portraits Weapons” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Glass in Alcorcón, Madrid.

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