Small and big thingsLightness and strength in the artwork of Susana Solano

September 15, 2022 / October 28, 2022

The exhibition Small and large things: lightness and strength in the artworks of Susana Solano made it possible to exhibit more than twenty pieces by the artist in a unique way. Since the 1980s, Solano has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and institutions throughout Spain and the rest of the world.

At Artur Ramon gallery, artwork designed and created by Susana Solano is also far from what we are used to expect from art. Small or large, in different sizes, they are “things” can live together here as in home. They are lovely presences. Inside the gallery, pieces are experienced close, they look at each other, both in their differences and in their similarities. They establish a family bond whose explanatory meanings cannot be claimed. The pieces are simply there, still, in harmony. It makes no sense to decipher the meaning of each one of them.
Marta Llorente

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Born in Barcelona in 1946, Susana Solano studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where she later taught.

Throughout her career, the sculptor has enjoyed great international renown, participating in competitions such as Documenta in Kassel VIII and IX (1987 and 1992), XIX Biennial of Sao Paolo (1987), Skulptur Projekte in Münster (1987), Venice Biennial (1988 and 1993), among others. She has also received numerous national and international awards and recognitions such as the Special Prize, awarded by The Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Open Air Museum, Tokyo (1985), the Premio Nacional de las Artes Plásticas del Ministerio de Cultura de España (1988), the Premio CEOE a las Artes, Madrid (1996), the Premio Tomás Francisco Prieto de la Real Casa de la Moneda, Madrid (2011), the Premio GAC for her artistic career, Barcelona (2015).