Xavier Nogués

Barcelona 1873 - 1941

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Xavier Nogués studied at the Martínez Altés and Pere Borrell del Caso Academy, having as companions Pidelaserra, Ysern Alié, Fontbona, etc., artists who formed the central nucleus of the El Rovell de l'Ou group. In 1901 Nogués, Cabanyes and Sardà went to Paris and in 1903 he settled there for two years, attending the Vity and Colarossi academies together with renowned Catalan painter, Anglada Camarasa. Nogués was one of the greatest representatives of Noucentisme, included in the Almanac de los Noucentistes and chosen by Eugeni d'Ors to illustrate the cover of La Ben Plantada. His art was a constant search and recovery of various techniques such as engraving, ceramics and glass, as well as mural painting. Nogués's easel paintings are scarce, according to Joan Teixidor in Notes for an inventory of the work of Xavier Nogués, there were 75 between the period from 1904 to 1940, although most were painted between 1933 and 1940. Rafael Benet, however, cites 81 works, 21 of which are in the Barcelona Museums, most of them from the Plandiura acquisition in 1932.