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    Ramon Tusquets (1838-1904)
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    View of Venice
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    45 x 66 cm
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    In his work, Tusquets knew how to combine Spanish and Italian influences. Mariano Fortuny influenced him with orientalist themes, as well as views of Venice and Rome and their surroundings. However, the influence of Domenico Morelli (1826-1901) and the group of the Neapolitan school of Portici is also visible in his work. Over time, his artistic ambitions within the canons of the time led him to formulate large canvases of genre or history. As his pictorial catalog demonstrates, Tusquets, without a doubt, took advantage of his stay in Italy to tour the peninsula, becoming especially fascinated by Venice. This vision of the lagoon is one of the few examples known by the painter, who intended to reproduce scenes from the life of the rich and cosmopolitan Serenissima. The watercolor conveys all the magic of the city: the details of the buildings on the Grand Canal, some with the typical single-arch windows of the Dorsoduro neighborhood, are colored in pastel tones. In the background stands Santa Maria della Salute with its two majestic domes. Tusquets entertains himself by depicting a typical scene between merchants, who try to unload merchandise from the sailing boats at the docks that serve as access to the buildings and businesses on the canal. Without a doubt, the artist installed his easel in one of them, to capture the lights and reflections of the water in a natural and real way.
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