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    Josep Mirabent (1831-1899)
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    c. 1870
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    34 x 25 cm
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    Pencil and watercolour
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    Mirabent dedicated himself to decorative painting and was a renowned portraitist, but he especially stood out for his still lifes of flowers and fruit. The quality of the compositions meant that they were appreciated in Spain and throughout Europe, and that the name of the painter was mentioned with admiration by many contemporary critics of the time. He presented works with fruits and flowers at several exhibitions, both in Barcelona and Madrid and abroad, in London and Paris, where he was dubbed the Angel of Flowers for his virtuosity.
    Among the different fruits, he developed a special interest in the representation of grapes, which he outlined with a particular technique. he used to render the fruit highlighted on a uniform background and use the lights and shadows to shape the volumes and create a powerful realistic effect. You can clearly appreciate the texture of the fruit, and all the imperfections of the skin surface, due to the great control of the effects of light and chromatic scales.
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