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    Cherubino Alberti (Borgo San Sepolcro, 1553)
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    252 x 148 mm
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    Brown ink and pencil
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    Belonging to a family of artists from Tuscany, around 1570 he was already working in Rome, where he trained with the Flemish engraver Cornelis Cort (1533-1578), and where he later settled. In the 1570s, Cherubino's main activity was as an engraver, working from models by Raphael, Michelangelo, the Zuccaro, among others. In the late 1580s, together with his two brothers, Alessandro and Giovanni, he collaborated in the fresco decoration of numerous churches and palaces in Rome. Among his best-known works are the ceiling and wall decorations of the Sala Clementina in the Vatican (after 1589), made respectively in collaboration with Giovanni and Baldassare Croce. In many of these decorative projects, false architectural settings appear combined with figures in daring foreshortenings. He was named 'prince' of the Accademia di San Luca in 1613.
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