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  • generalData.authorNameInListings
    Zacarias González Velázquez (1763-1834)
  • generalData.title
    Study of San Joaquin's face and hands
  • generalData.creationDate
    1792 - 1795
  • technicalData.measurements
    195 x 175 mm
  • technicalData.description
    Black pencil and chalk highlighting on blue laid paper
  • technicalData.complementaryDescription
    Preparatory study for a small sketch of "Saint Joachim and Saint Anne with the Virgin Girl", belonging to a private collection. Made in black pencil with chalk highlights on blue laid paper, in it Zacarías studied in detail the face and hand of the Virgin's father, demonstrating great mastery in the use of pencils, with whose combination he reaches high expressive levels; It is enough to look at the subtlety of the black and white strokes when creating the character's beard or at the psychological abstraction that he transmits with his gaze. This same drawing would be reused by Zacarías for the figure of the Virgin of Pentecost painted in 1795 for the Hospital de la Caridad in Ferrol. Likewise, the face of Zacarías is very similar, if not to say the same, to that of Abraham who appears in "The Sacrifice of Isaac" painted around 1792 on the dome of the Royal Oratory of the Knight of Grace in Madrid and especially with that of the preparatory sketch (Girona, Peralada Castle Museum).
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