Gabinete 2019

Specialized in old masters drawings, this year at Gabinete Art Fair Artur Ramon Art offers a very broad and eclectic range of works on paper, from the 16th century to the 21st century. A selection of antique, modern and contemporary artworks will be presented: “The meeting of David and Melchizedec” by Pedro de Campaña, a study of the series “Solo figure vestite” by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, “San Joaquín con la Virgen Niña” by José Camarón y Bonanat, a “Mancha” by Eugenio Lucas Velázquez, a “Chimera of Notre Dame” by Ignacio Zuloaga and a “Capricho” by Pablo Picasso, among others. Some drawings of the series “Los silenciosos del Prado” by Guillermo Martín Bermejo will also be exhibited, as well as some works by the Santilari brothers, who achieved a certain fame with their hyperrealistic drawings.