WunderkammerFrederic Amat

October 25, 2018 / January 25, 2019

With an open conception of painting, Frederic Amat (Barcelona, 1952) has integrated his creative work in multiple artistic languages: scenography, ceramics, film, sculpture, photography, interventions in public space. Plural artist in his visual expression. Alchemist of images and objects who has known how to stay outside of trends, moving in areas of risk and drift, as he himself says, to branch out his work like a coral.

The art space accompanies him in this drift by presenting a selection of works over the years. A vision of his work that dialogues with the gallery background to weave stimulating and enduring visual correspondences as a cabinet of curiosities or “wunderkammer”. Frederic Amat proposes giving new life to the shelves of an old textile warehouse in Barcelona, a breath of the “mise en scène” or scenery that gave life and memory to the play “The Testament of Mary” by Colm Toibin in 2013.

Among the dialogue of correspondences, we include the most recent work by Frederic Amat, 9 cartographies, which the philosopher and writer Amador Vega invites us to immerse ourselves in his poetic reflection.

The work of art does not show anything, it occupies the intersection between a mind in continuous movement and a place that stands and finds its meaning by providing space for the exhibited work. The work is the meeting of findings, of chance encounters in the same process of wandering in which the artist finds himself with each gesture. This is how some printing archives, their backgrounds of dust and paper, present to our gaze the writing that has been woven over time and that now, chosen as the structure of the exhibited work, comes out to our exterior describing the gaps of that shipwrecked history between islands and maps of countries in transition.
Amador Vega

Conversation between Rafael Argullol, Frederic Amat and Artur Ramon