Behind the gazePhotographs by Leopold Samsó

June 09, 2022 / July 22, 2022

Known mostly for his portraits of personalities from the world of culture and art, Leopold Samsó started in photography in the 60s of the last century. Through these black and white images that could be seen in the gallery, the artist captures different stories and moments of Barcelona 40 years ago through the lens and gaze of the photographer.

The images that made up “Behind the gaze” were serene, intimate reflections, in which the light and framing – typical of a Renaissance artist – lead us to the contemplation that Leopold Samsó has been practicing for decades. It is the moment when depth and superficiality subtly merge into the present. Unlike the preference for color in the 70s and 80s, the Barcelona photographer is betting on the difference. He is the one who adapts to the person photographed, who takes advantage of natural light and opts for the contrasts of black and white.