Cesareo Bernaldo de Quirós

Gualeguay (Argentina) 1879 - Vicente López (Argentina) 1968

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Cesareo Bernaldo de Quirós was born in Gualeguay, Entre Ríos, in 1879. Moved by his artistic vocation, he moved to Buenos Aires where he had Vicente Nicolau Cotanda as his first teacher. Later, at the Sociedad Estímulo de Bellas Artes, he was guided by Della Valle, Correa Morales, Giudici and dela Cárcova. In 1899 he won the Europa scholarship, leaving the following year for Rome to perfect his knowledge. At the 1901 Venice Biennale he obtained a Mention Award, and at the 1904 Saint Louis Exposition (USA) a Bronze Medal. Upon returning to Argentina in 1905, he exhibited his works at the Costa Salon and, after joining the local artistic environment, he co-founded the "Nexus" group, participating in its exhibitions. Based in Europe, he had residences in Florence, Mallorca and Paris. The Great War forced him to return in 1915. Years later he retired to a field in the Province of Entre Ríos where he would carry out his greatest work, a series of paintings that he called "Los Gauchos" and in which he reflected the spirit, history, customs and characters of the land. These works were exhibited in Buenos Aires in 1928 and later toured in Spain, Germany, England, France and the United States with great success. The tour lasted until 1936, the year in which Quirós returned to the country definitively. He was appointed member of the National Academy of Fine Arts. He died in the town of Vicente Lopez in 1969.